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Common Home Planning & Design provides enhanced planning and design services for clients who want to build enduring places of character. Our clients are not just looking to meet the local jurisdiction’s development standards – they are looking to add their principles and financial value through collaborative, detail-oriented design.

As outlined below, there are a few distinct steps for planning and design in the development process. Generally, planning and design tends to take the lead and be intense in the early stages of a project and then taper off as the project moves from design to construction.

Step 1: Conceptual Design for Project Feasibility

There are some basic questions every project needs to consider in the early stages:

  • Is this idea financially feasible?
  • How intensely can I develop this area?
  • How many lots can be subdivided out of this large acreage site?
  • What type of development will the city or county allow or not allow?

The best way to start the process of answering these questions is by developing a conceptual plan for the area and working with your city and/or county to explore the possibilities. To help you develop this conceptual plan, we ask more detailed questions to ensure your aspirations and values are incorporated into the design. These questions include:

  • How should areas for buildings, parking, and greenspaces be arranged?
  • How is beauty to be balanced with function and cost? How should privacy and community be weighed?
  • How do you want to position yourself in the market? Is the target a specific niche or is the appeal more broad?
  • What values are important to you (such as walkability, environmental sustainability, etc) and how in what ways should those values be reflected in the design?
  • What needs to be included in your first phases and what could be added later in the project?

The result of this process is a plan that serves as the fundamental basis for the rest of the design and construction process – so getting the details right is essential!

Step 2: Design Development

Once we’ve developed a conceptual plan, it’s time to work through the plan details in the design development phase. If we haven’t done so already, here we will identify and involve other design and development professionals based on the project’s needs. Typically this include:

  • Civil engineers to design site infrastructure systems.
  • Architects to design buildings.
  • Landscape architects to detail outdoor spaces.
  • General contractors to begin design and pricing conversations.

In the design development phase we will work with this team to develop the applicable subdivision plats and site plans and get the necessary approvals through regulatory process. Our team can also provide 3D renderings and panoramas of your project plans to ensure all the design and contractor professionals are on the same page heading into construction.

Step 3: Construction Documents & Administration

As construction documents are developed and implemented, we can serve as a resource for the construction team or in a more active role as the project manager.

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