What We Do

We specialize in creating unique places of authenticity and character that people love. By applying placemaking interventions to spaces that are often overlooked and underutilized, developers can add value to their project that sets it apart from other cookie cutter developments.

Our Experience

Justin’s unique background shaped his expertise in this area. As the lead Plan Implementation Planner for the City of Austin, TX, Justin spent countless hours walking neighborhoods with residents talking about the types of spaces and infrastructure that would improve the sense of place to their neighborhood.

Then as the City of Austin’s Neighborhood Partnering Program Manager, Justin worked with neighborhood and community groups to plan, design, and build placemaking projects on underutilized pieces of City property. Project examples include green streets, trails, community gardens, pocket parks, sidewalks, separated bicycle facilities, landscaping/beautification, park improvements, and murals. Under Justin’s leadership, the program was recognized with several national awards to include the American Planning Association’s Sustainability Award of Excellence and the American Public Work’s Association’s Management Innovation Award.