College Station’s Ordinance Amendments

One of the things I most appreciated about my time with the City of College Station was our ability to think critically about our development regulations and the general willingness to refine them in order to better meet our planning goals. ~ Justin

College Station’s Ordinance Amendments
(with the City of College Station, TX)

Entity & Location: City of College Station, TX
Project Involvement: 2017 – 2019
Project Role: Project Management / Code Writing
Key Project Partners: College Station’s Planning Commission

In 2017, the City of College Station’s Planning Commission asked the city’s planning staff to look critically at the city’s development ordinances and identify opportunities to cut and streamline unnecessary regulations. As Planning Administrator, Justin worked with planning staff to identify a number of such opportunities and brought forward a number of ordinance amendments that were adopted by City Council. This included ordinance amendments authored by Justin to reduce minimum parking requirements and provide additional flexibility to non-conforming properties.

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