College Station’s Planning Performance Measures

Ensuring that planning data is transparent and understandable is important to good policy and administrative decisionmaking. As Planning Administrator for the City of College Station, I developed a series of performance measures that provided transparency into our division’s performance. ~ Justin

College Station’s Planning Performance Measures
(with the City of College Station, TX)

Entity & Location: City of College Station, TX
Project Involvement: 2017 – 2019
Project Role: Project Management / Data Analysis
Key Project Partners: Information Technology Department

In response to concerns about the timeliness of project reviews and the helpfulness of staff in this process, Justin created a series of planning performance measures while serving as Planning Administrator for the City of College Station, TX. These performance measures led to increased dialogue among the planning team on how to better achieve more timely outcomes and provided a framework for more detailed and productive conversations with the City’s Planning Commission.

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